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I’m Sajal, an award-winning healthcare service management professional with 8 years of national and international working experience. I have a very particular set of skills and experience that I have developed over my professional and academic career. Ranging from small to medium-sized hospitals and diagnostic centres, I can help in capacity building, process reengineering and formulating strategic directions. I served at a WHO supported immunisation project, multi-national medicine company, local hospital, and pharmacy retail chain shops. I have experience in planning, preparing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a national level vaccination program that immunised 53,644,603 children. Putting these all together, I can help your hospital in developing policies and protocols to define the future directions and course of action. I can also help in fine-tuning the systems and practices that are already in place. Finally, I can support capacity-building initiatives that involve developing frameworks from scratch.

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Academic Qualifications

Master of Public Health (MPH) from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Jagannath University (JnU), Bangladesh.
Master of Business Studies (MBS) from Chandpur Government College (CGC), Bangladesh.
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Jagannath University (JnU), Bangladesh.
Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) from   International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA), USA.

My Projects

I have a good blend of business and public health knowledge that give me broader understanding and deeper insight about my working area. Since 2011 to till date I completed a number of amazing projects. Some of these are presented below

DCode is a diabetes risk calculator and diabetes information app offered at Google Play Store for the Bangladeshi people.     More


This project involves analysing, clearly defining and visualising the service process at York Hospital Ltd.
Service Blueprint

Hospital Management

I introduced Quality and Safety Culture at York Hospital Ltd.
Patient Safety

Hospital Management

Health Care Solutions is a public health project for creating awareness and promoting health among Bangladeshi people. More
Healthcare Solutions

Public Health