I’m Sajal, an award-winning healthcare service management professional with 8 years of national and international working experience. I have a very particular set of skills and experience that I have developed over my professional and academic career. Ranging from small to medium-sized hospitals and diagnostic centres, I can help in capacity building, process reengineering and formulating strategic directions. I served at a WHO supported immunisation project, multi-national medicine company, local hospital, and pharmacy retail chain shops. I have experience in planning, preparing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a national level vaccination program that immunised 53,644,603 children.

Putting these all together, I can help your hospital in developing policies and protocols to define the future directions and course of action. I can also help in fine-tuning the systems and practices that are already in place. Finally, I can support capacity-building initiatives that involve developing frameworks from scratch.

Sajal Kanti Ghosh | Healthcare Service Management Professional, Business Strategist and Futurist

Work Experience

Asst. Manager
Experience: 2020- Cont.
Company/Org.: York Hospital Ltd, Bangladesh

Job Responsibilities & Achievements: Currently, I’m employed as an assistant Manager at York Hospital Ltd. My notable achievements include service engineering and process blueprinting,  human resource development (training), launching a series of marketing and branding initiatives, developing omni-channel business networks (B2B, B2C), formulating corporate and management philosophies, crafting strategic management plans, introducing and implementing a quality and safety culture in the hospital, and developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on patient management and facility maintenance.

Project Director
Experience: June, 2021 – June, 2022
Project: Diabetes Risk Assessment App 

We have developed a mobile-based diabetes surveillance system, DCode ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.diabetesrisk.calculator ) and utilised integrated social marketing communication tools to raise awareness among the Bangladeshi people about diabetes prevention and control. Our innovation will initially help identify the risk of developing diabetes, later, it will monitor the improvement or progression of the disease. Our team is also using social media and web technologies to create awareness and promote a healthier lifestyle (e.g. physical exercise, healthy eating, weight management, stress management, common health knowledge) among the high-risk groups. This project is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Australia.

Digital Officer (Casual)
Experience: 2018-2019
Company/Org.: Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia

My core responsibilities were to deliver a lecture on digital story making for communication and social engagement, make digital stories from scratch, and record video lectures. I worked with general people & government officials from different nationalities namely – Australians, Russian, French, Vietnamese, Nepalese, PNGs, and Bhutanese. My works were included in several academic curricula (inclusive education) of the Australia Awards Scholarship program. My works were also highlighted on the official page of the Nepalese Embassy and QUT International Project Unit.

Experience: 2019
Company/Org.: QUT Japanese Student Association (QUT Japan)

My core responsibilities were: raising funds, preparing the budget, managing bank account, reimbursement of payments, and preparing financial statements. In addition to these, I also worked to plan and organise club events, manage stalls at the university during the orientation week.

Senior Marketing Executive
Experience: 1.5 Years 2016-2017
Company: Prescription Aid, Bangladesh & Prescription Aid Japan

At Prescription Aid Bangladesh my core responsibilities were developing marketing plans, creating customer relationship management strategy and software module, developing customer intelligence by analysing customer value and segmenting customers,  and realising credit sales. Inspired by my understanding and insight of consumer behaviour I integrated and implemented some digital marketing and customer engagement strategies and tools in the marketing plan of Prescription Aid in 2016. Since then these tools are constantly getting more customer engagements by helping Prescription Aid to generate more sales and reduce lost sales. My formulated credit realisation strategy was a milestone of this kind in the 15-year business history of Prescription Aid. The impact was – around 60% credit recovery and deeper insight about the credit customers that helped to formulate a new credit policy framework.

Junior Manager
Experience: 6 Months (2014)
Company: Lions Clubs International, Bangladesh

I worked as a junior manager for the “Lions Measles and Rubella Vaccination Campaign 2014”, one of the largest vaccination campaigns in Bangladesh. This project was jointly supported by Lions Clubs International, GAVI Alliance and WHO. The project immunised 53 million children between 9 months to 15 years. My core responsibilities were – supporting the development of mass communication strategy to ensure the highest, developing social media marketing strategy including graphic design and video editing, developing presentations, writing reports, working with the media people (print and electronic media), managing a group of volunteers and professionals. My dedication and efforts were awarded the prestigious Governor Appreciation Award of the Lions Clubs International, Lions District 315, Bangladesh.

“Life is a journey of doing insanely great things, together.”

— Sajal Kanti Ghosh