Benchmarking – Definition & How to do it

If someone is doing something more successfully than you are, it makes sense to look over their shoulder and see what you can learn from them. US manufacturers started doing this when they realized that Japanese competitors were taking away their markets. It’s called benchmarking and it’s become so widespread among big companies that some business thinkers now caution against it.


Give Better Feedback

Feedback is essential to your development as a professional. So why is it so painful to give and receive? Here are three tips to help you give constructive feedback that works:


Leadership Fundamentals

There are countless opinions on how to be an effective leader, but it’s important not to forget the basics. Here are five rules for mastering the fundamentals of leadership:


Become an Inspirational Leader

Leaders need vision, energy, authority, and a natural strategic ability. But those traits won’t help you inspire your employees to be their best and commit to you as a leader.

Here are the four qualities you need to capture the hearts, minds, and spirits of your people: