How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

It was an evening when the sun was setting. It was me and Moitree sitting together on the bank of the river Yamuna. The river was flowing; the horns of motor boats were honking.

Moitree sat by me, and together we were enjoying the glow of the setting sun. A gentle breeze was fluttering her long hair on my face. I was an amazing experience. Birds were chirping to go back to their nest. After a busy day, everyone, everything was slowing down.



Moitree is an ordinary girl with blazing thoughts. Most of the time, I ask her simple question and end up with an amazing answer. This is one of many things with her, impresses me most. Her simple vision, simple ideas, coated with her own tone, give me a pleasing experience.

While watching the birds going home, I asked Moitree –

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

She looked at me for a while, presented me a sweet smile and replied – 26.
I asked,

– Why 26? Is there anything special?
– Because I already have gathered a lot of knowledge. But the funny thing is, I don’t have wisdom.
– So, you mean, knowledge and wisdom are not the same things.
– Yeah.
– Would you please elaborate?
– Sure ! It requires knowledge to read the lines, but it requires wisdom to read between the lines.
– Interesting !
– Can you recall the preceptor Udwalok and his son Shwetoketu?
– No
– Upon returning home after the graduation, father Udwaloka asked Shwetoketu, my dear, do you know that wisdom which can hear the untold, see the unseen?
– Then?
– Udwaloka taught his son that insight. But the fact is, before teaching this, Shwetoketu had to complete his formal education to gather knowledge.
– I got it.
– So, the age 26 is important to me because I’ve already completed my formal education. And now I feel, I have knowledge but I don’t have wisdom.
– Great realization, Moitree.
– My dear, I’m in a period of changes. They say, at this age 26 to 39, deity Shani takes the charge of teaching.
– Shani is a hard teacher. Shani makes the man fit for the future.
– Yes
– So, what are the changes you have experienced till now?
– Well, I have finished my school and my graduation. At that time I knew what the next thing is. I knew my next route. I had a structure clearly defined.

But, after the graduation, after the completion of my formal education, I no longer have any clearly defined path. I no longer have any structure for life.
– Interesting !
– Yeah, when I was in school I know everything, all the semesters and years. Now I don’t know. And it is not an easy plan, in real life.

Dare to do experiments !

To some people, life is always a journey of doing crazy things. They take it as a challenge, they enjoy it as an adventure.

Let me tell you a story. This story is about a radio repairing shop just after World War 2. In 1945, they started their operation from the third floor of a damaged department store. Initially, radio repairing was their main job. But soon it came up with experimenting their own product. It was a device to cook rice.

The interesting thing is – they could sell less than 100 unit and most of them were taken back because that rice cooker burned rice rather than cooking.

In 1979, they came up with another idea – listening music on the go. Before launching the product they conducted a survey on the consumers – how it would be if they can enjoy music while walking? Most of the customers rejected the idea. The exclaimed – whoa, listening music requires an environment! It requires an arrangement, a peaceful place at least. Listening music while walking on the road is a stupid idea to think.

But, the founders of this company decided to do an experiment. They launched a portable music device with a headphone letting consumers listening music on the go. They expected to sell less than 5000 units a month.

But the interesting thing is – it smashed all expectations by shifting more than 50,000 in the first two. And, it brought a revolution in the music industry.

Today you are enjoying music may be with your smart phone, or may be with your iPod. But the history started in 1979.



Yeah, the name of the company is Sony Corporation. I’m talking about Sony Walkman TPS-L2. The mastermind behind this company is Akio Morita, a man who kept doing experiments. Because –


If you have never failed, you have never tried anything new.


Do you have a crazy idea?

Then, do an experiment. You may fail or you may succeed. No matter the whatever the outcome is – keep experimenting!

Call Your Dear One

Leading a sweet life where love is always there to enlighten you with its magical ray is not often hard. Sometimes a really simple task can make you feel even better. Yeah, really simple task!  ?

Dear reader, welcome back to my blog series – ‘Celebrate Your Life’. This series will introduce you to some pretty simple but still sweet ways with which you can make your life happy, cheerful and lovable.

A long time ago, we had a lot of time to go for a recreation, a picnic to spend with our dear. But, we realized, we need extra money for it, and unfortunately, we didn’t have enough. So we started running after money to buy luxury, to buy recreation so as to lead a happy life. And, we started becoming busy with our money-making.

After a certain period, a realization came – we have earned enough money to buy things, but by that time, we already have lost our dear faces. Our memory has gone blurry, we can’t remember all of those faces with whom once we wanted to spend time.

The paradox of the twenty-first century is – we have become busy with making money to spend for our dears, and now we have enough money but lost our dears.

Hey, wait and think for a minute!

Can you recall those sweet moments of your early life? Can you recall those happy faces?

Do, you think some those faces are lost? Do you think – there is an emotional distance between you? Do you think – you don’t even know where some of them are now?

Ask yourself and you will find there are some people with whom once you spent a lot of happy time but now you are not in touch with them even.

Once a couple was asked – how they managed to stay 65 years together? Their answer was pretty unique. They said- we lived in a time when if something was broken we would fix it not throw it away. And we have found some people treat the relationship like a video game. First of all, they start by playing them, and when they get bored, they quit.

We watch relationship in movies, and dream – what it would be like to love as they do in the movies? Love is promised on countless dating sites, and every year you can count on songs, and movies on love, where you will find sweet moments of love.


But, trust me – it much sweeter than those fictions when you are in love really.?

Love has a power of connecting and strengthening. Love is light. Love shines through the dark night, it shines through the past, it shines through the present, and it shines through the future. It shines in heaven, it shines in our hearts, and it shines on earth. It easily melts away all the evil in this world and pours our its warmth on all sadness.



Love is courage. Without love, people would not be able to be roused action. Without love, people would not be able to stand against death even.

So. what is love?

Love is good words, good memories, good surroundings, and good music. God creates the world through words, and love creates people through words. Love is harmony. It is through love that people grow close each other, forgive each other, nurture each other.

Dear reader!

Do you love someone? Is there anyone who once gave you a sweet moment? Is there anyone who made you feel happy, enlightened?

If yes, then pick up your phone. Make a call and have a sweet conversation.

You will make at least two people happy.



Since the very beginning of the civilization, sound was one of the basic element. Sound was important for for hunting, communicating, for entertaining and learning. Animal sound, natural sound, instrumental sound … all of them had diverse rhythm.

Once people realized, sound is lost once it is delivered. To preserve the memory of the past, people realized the need for listening the sound of the past.

It is 1877, an intelligent man invented the way of listening the sound of past. It is – Gramophone. With it, we can hear the voice, the words of past which were told ago.

With the pace of technology, today we have stereo player, CD player, DVD player, iPod, headphone,  home theater to enjoy the words of the past.

Putting the headphone in our ear, logging in to Skpe, we can hear our dear one’s voice. We can hear their emotions, their feelings expressed in their voice.

Our powerful headphones can tell us what our dear one told.

But, is our headphone still powerful to hear the untold?

How to start an engaging conversation?

Wanna start a conversation? Do you want to make the conversation engaging? To do so, are you thinking to start with the traditional sentence –


how are you?


Oh, I am sorry to say – if you start with the traditional ‘how are you’ , you are going to get a similar traditional answer , ‘I’m fine, and you?’.


Pretty shocking to believe, huh? But, it is true. Because, asking close-ended question will limit the answer choice and thus you eventually will get only two possible answers – yes I’m fine, or no I’m sad.


You will spoil a good chance for an engaging conversation if you just start your conversation with so called – ‘how are you’.


So, what is the solution?


The answer is simple but innovative. Ask an open-ended question instead which have a good range of possible answers. You may use some sentences like –


Tell me how interesting was your day?
Tell me what amazing you did last week?


Yeah, it is a simple change, but still effective and interesting.