The combination of technology and analytics is bringing new horizon in health industry by cutting cost, reducing unnecessary hospitalization and also improving the health condition of patients. Chronic diseases like – diabetes, heart disease, renal disease and others could save billions of dollars by preventing unnecessary hospitalization.

A study conducted at the Boston Medical Center, the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and other hospitals in that area have found -due to diabetes or heart diseases, researchers could predict hospitalization almost a year in advance at as much as 82% accuracy rate. This prediction is vital for the care provider and the patient in order to intervene much earlier before it is too late.


The listed hospitals actually provide anonymized health data (EHRs) which contains individual patient information regarding patient demographics, admission in the hospital, diagnoses, lab result, prescribed medication, vital signs, and procedures. Based on the data, researchers apply their algorithm in order to predict who might have to be hospitalized. The outcome is amazing. Based on the result found, hospitals get the opportunity to intervene the disease, take proactive measures to avoid costly hospitalization and most importantly improve patients’ health condition.

In the next article, the systematic tools, procedures, and other issues will be discussed.