Seiso is a Japanese philosophy stating the necessity of cleanliness.

Yeah, cleanliness !

Many of us can’t be productive with full potential because of our untidiness. Most of us keep our life filthy, and noisy with a lot dirts. These dirts actually sucks. It sucks our valuable energy, time, money, effort, spirit, happiness and a lot.

Sounds interesting?

Yeah it is.

The simple truth is –

‘consciously or subconsciously, our life is full of noise which sucks our resources and thus eventually hampers our growth’.

So, what are these noise?

Yeah these are –

  1. Unnecessary tension,
  2. Thoughts,
  3. Stupid fantasy,
  4. Unnecessary social interaction,
  5. Unproductive habits and others.

Hey, take two minutes and look at yourself.

Don’t you find something unnecessary in your life which are consuming your valuable resources?

Write down a list and sort them out to eliminate ASAP.

Clean your life from all sort of unnecessary elements.