Each of us takes about 20,000 breaths a day. The average human respiratory rate is thirty to sixty breaths per minute at birth, decreasing to twelve to twenty breaths per minute as adults.

As babies, we all take deep, relaxing breaths from our abdomen. If you have ever watched a small child sleeping, you’ll have seen their bellies rise and fall. As we get older, the way we breathe changes. Especially when we are stressed or alarmed, our bodies operate on our more primitive ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ instincts and we take short, fast breaths to prepare for danger. This results in slack in our cognitive abilities, trouble in staying alert, trouble in connecting with others. We often just have less fun.

Dear reader, welcome back to my blog series – ‘Celebrate Your Life’. Today we will learn the first rule, and it is – Breathing.

Hey, don’t laugh. I’m talking about breathing, and it is important.

The science is – when we breathe incorrectly, we starve our bodies of sufficient oxygen and therefore find it hard to achieve clarity and balance between our subconscious and conscious brain.

When we breathe deeply we’re likelier to have more energy and feel less stressed. Our posture and digestion can even improve. Breathing helps release toxins and strengthens our immune system.

So the question comes, how to breathe?

Yeah, in the next article, Breathe | Part 2, I will show how.