Life is a journey full of romance, adventure, success, failure, hatred, anger, sufferings, and happiness. It is a journey in which sometimes we are alone or in a team, or in a family. From the starting to the end of our life, we are continuously moving forward to make our life better. The journey is not easy. Sometimes we lose hope, sometimes we can’t keep pace with our partners, sometimes our friends and family members get us wrong, or sometimes we get wrong with our social interaction. With all of these wrongs, mistakes, and failures, still, our life goes on. We are continuously striving to overcome these problems.



Dear reader, welcome to my new blog series ‘Celebrate Your Life‘. Here, you will explore some secrets, rules, and ideas to lead a happy life.

With me, you will have a new journey. I’m not sure, where we are going from here. But I’m sure, we will go somewhere and our journey will not be boring  🙂