Since the very beginning of the civilization, sound was one of the basic element. Sound was important for for hunting, communicating, for entertaining and learning. Animal sound, natural sound, instrumental sound … all of them had diverse rhythm.

Once people realized, sound is lost once it is delivered. To preserve the memory of the past, people realized the need for listening the sound of the past.

It is 1877, an intelligent man invented the way of listening the sound of past. It is – Gramophone. With it, we can hear the voice, the words of past which were told ago.

With the pace of technology, today we have stereo player, CD player, DVD player, iPod, headphone,  home theater to enjoy the words of the past.

Putting the headphone in our ear, logging in to Skpe, we can hear our dear one’s voice. We can hear their emotions, their feelings expressed in their voice.

Our powerful headphones can tell us what our dear one told.

But, is our headphone still powerful to hear the untold?