The Facebook section ‘About You’ is a general statement.

You are not just a bunch of text and images in ‘About’ section to display yourself to others. Rather, you are an integral part of your surroundings, where both good and bad things are continuously happening to you.

Don’t be too furious if anything bad happens. They just happen. No one is secretly trying to make you miserable. You are not the center of everyone’s universe. You are  just your own. And for the rest, you are just a part, where your action and reaction to the system matters both for the good and bad.

So, stop thinking only about yourself, rather think about others. Help them, put their needs along with yours, be generous. Extend your helping hand for them. Volunteer your resource for their need.

Oh, that doesn’t mean – you should take care of others before you take care of yourself.

Balance them both, and you will have a good life.