Don’t look for the next opportunity. The one you have in hand is the opportunity.

We are always waiting for the perfect client.

It almost never happens.

You’re probably working on a job or project right now and saying “this is boring, let’s just deal with it and get it over with. We’ll make the next one good.”

Whatever is on your desk right now, that’s the one. Make it the best you possibly can. It may not be great, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you did the best you possibly could, and you may learn something from it.

And you’re always free to do an alternative that does satisfy your creative standards. Good briefs don’t just come along.

That’s true, even if you’ve earned a reputation for doing good work (although that helps).

Successful solutions are often made by people rebelling against bad briefs.


Excerpt From: Manual, C. (2014). ” IT’S NOT HOW GOOD YOU ARE, IT’S HOW GOOD YOU WANT TO BE.