Here are 7 reasons why you should not marry 😉

People won’t flirt with you anymore.
(to some people, a wedding ring is an aphrodisiac)

You’re afraid your partner is not ‘the one’.
(you are thinking, may be s/he is not the right one)

You haven’t known each other long enough.
(the surprises to come will keep the marriage fresh longer – or much, much shorter)

You’ll spend too much on the wedding.
(your debt will be one of the first things that truly belong to you both)

You’ll have to invite people you don’t like to your wedding.
(you’ll need someone to sit with Aunt Gladys and Uncle Morty)

You’ll loose your sense of independence and adventurousness.
(the next time you find yourself hangover in a Tijuana jail, you’ll have company)

You’ll inherit crazy relatives.
(this will give you something yo talk about with the boring relatives)

Dear reader
Do you have any more reasons?
If yes, please let us know 😉 in the comment section.