Due to the rise of the Internet, surfing over online from a Windows PC is another name of horrible experience. Microsoft’s built-in Internet browser, Internet Explorer (IE), is nothing but a crap. Over the last seven years, people have been preferring  Google Chrome or Firefox to IE.

Dear Reader, Welcome back, to my blog series – My Journey With Linux. This series will share my personal experience with Linux Operating System and other Linux applications. I hope you will enjoy it.

Whatever the browser is, in most of the cases, surfing the Internet, for ordinary people, from a windows machine, is terrible. The common behavior of Internet surfing is downloading. It may be either movie or audio or whatever. A lot of people spend a good amount of time seeking for desired files to download. And, that is the point which makes the most harm. In most of the cases, a typical download requires multiple attempts. And these attempts are misused by the hackers. They, explicitly and implicitly create several changes on the PC by installing unexpected software.

General people are made fool by suggesting them to install ‘desired_file_name.exe’. People, having poor computer knowledge think – installing this .exe file will download my desired file. Thus, once the installation process is initiated, it starts consuming your Internet speed and data by downloading and installing several unexpected applications which cause serious damage to your PC performance by occupying processor, RAM and modifying your browser with a new toolbar, home page, and advertisement serving add-ons. These applications list themselves in the start-up process which makes your booting slow. These constantly consume your processor and RAM which makes your PC performing slowly. Installed cookies and Trojan horses silently send information over the Internet of which you are not aware of. And thus –


Your security is compromised, but alas, you don’t know it even! ?


Your PC performance is severely hampered and you are continuously slapping on your CPU 😀 to respond. But you find it dumb and then try to find a solution by pressing ‘Restart’.