Can you remember your student life? Can you remember the sweet girl of your class, the Tiffin period, and most importantly the boring morning assembly?

Yeah, the story begins in a classroom during the Tiffin period. It is Class 5, Section C. Two friends, Raghav and Gopal, are hiding in the classroom to escape the morning assembly.

Interestingly, it is just not to escape the assembly, it is also for their weekly tiffin raid.

Sounds pretty naughty? Yeah, that is the fact. They are going to search all the bags of their classmates and steal tasty tiffin from them. 🙂

By turn, they chose a nice Barbie bag and brought out the tiffin box from it. A delicious chocolate cake was in it. With the steel scale, Gopal sliced it and ate.

The bag belongs to Aarti Pradhan, a pretty girl, and the queen of two friends – Gopal and Raghav.