There was a time when Kings’ and Land Lords’ palaces had a special type of theater room called ‘Jalsha Ghar‘. It is a type of entertainment place where music, dance and other crafts were performed live. Yeah, live 🙂

After a certain interval, Kings along with other members used to enjoy music, dance and plays in those Jalsha Ghar. It was a nice arrangement where artists with excellent skills in their respective fields used to perform live.

All the beats, all the single rhythm were lively. It had a special type of bit, a special type of flow, a special type of effect, which could be sense pretty clearly.

Unfortunately, those days are gone. There is no Kingdom anymore, thus there is no Jalsha Ghar.

But, fortunately, there are some movie directors, who, in their motion pictures, have created that Jalsha Ghar environment, to give a glimpse of the old time. 

One of those initiatives is the performance of – Saawan Ayo Ri, from the motion picture Har Har Byomkesh directed by Arindam Sil.



Saawan Ayo Ri is a special type of song based on Raga Pillu, a mid-night raga. A bit slow but still enchanting work. With the lyrics, written by Sutapa Basu,  singer Barnali Chatterjee has crafted an amazing art in her voice.

All the artists, actors, and visual directors have done a great job to create a pleasing Jalsha Ghar flavor.

Enjoy !