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  • Breathe | Part 2

    Breathe | Part 2

    The last article, Breathe | Part 1,  discussed the importance of proper breathing. This article will discuss – how to breathe properly. Well I want you to set a three-minute breathing plan five times a day: 1] in the morning when you wake up, 2] In the mid-morning, 3] just after lunch, 4] In the…

  • Breathe | Part 1

    Breathe | Part 1

    Each of us takes about 20,000 breaths a day. The average human respiratory rate is thirty to sixty breaths per minute at birth, decreasing to twelve to twenty breaths per minute as adults. As babies, we all take deep, relaxing breaths from our abdomen. If you have ever watched a small child sleeping, you’ll have…

  • Celebrate your Life | Intro

    Celebrate your Life | Intro

    Life is a journey full of romance, adventure, success, failure, hatred, anger, sufferings, and happiness. It is a journey in which sometimes we are alone or in a team, or in a family. From the starting to the end of our life, we are continuously moving forward to make our life better. The journey is…