It is said – ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’. Hence, feeling curious I put a simple question to a group seeking advice. Because, I really wanted to know something which people already know from their experience. The question was-

I’m turning to 30. Would you please advise me something?

This question triggered a lot of ideas and suggestions. Many people from around the world advised me many things.  Some were interesting, some were scary, some were lovely, and some were confusing. But, I really enjoyed the conversation. Now, it is my pleasure to share those conversations and ideas with you.

  1. Be true to who you are, be the best version of you, always. Remember making mistakes is never a bad thing as long as you learn from them and grow as a person. Love yourself. Love others. Support things you believe in. Support the people around you who really need it. Remember life is NOT just about you, consider other people. You’ll be fine. – [Elizabeth Greene]
  2. Use your hands in moments of stress. – [Vaibhav Chouhan]
  3. Rent a hooker, get a tattoo, get shit-faced drunk and make sure you’re 30th is a night to remember (if you can). – [Joe Hanlon]
  4. Stabilize economically spiritual and mentally – [Ruben Vasquez]
  5. Fix your credit if you haven’t, buy a house if you haven’t, work for yourself if you aren’t, anything else is noob shit. If you’ve done all that, good job, breeze right on thru your 30s. – [Melly Rodriguez]
  6. Stop getting older. [Joe Marcone]
  7. Life goes fast at 30 to 35 even faster. [Atoum Nu Shu]
  8. Enjoy life and don’t be a mental slave. [Cherry Diane Hemingway]
  9. Life begins at 40. You’ve got ten years to prepare for the rebirth. [Paul Smith]
    1. Then suggest me, how to get prepared. [Me]
    2. Watch a lot of comedy movies so that when you look in the mirror at 40 your chuckle muscle has been well prepared [Paul Smith]
    3. My boyfriend’s creeping up to 60 and he would probably tell you the same. [Karyn Husarik]
    4. Karyn Husarik Be gentle with him or at least acquire a defibrillator. [Paul Smith]
    5. For the record… I thought he was in his late 40’s when I fell in love with him… I didn’t realize I was missing an entire decade, but it was too late… i was hooked. [Karyn Husarik]
    6. Are you serious? [Me]
    7. He’s a young 57, doesn’t look nor act his age… I’m not even kidding… there is a 25 years age gap between us… but it works, I’m more mature, he’s pretty immature… we meet halfway. [Karyn Husarik]
    8. Karyn Husarik It’s called the second childhood, I’m on the third. [Paul Smith]
    9. Whatever it is, I’m enjoying it… and him. He’s amazing. [Karyn Husarik]
    10. Karyn Husarik I always think about Paul Maccartneys lyric. I thought we’d had enough silly love songs. I hope we never will. Enjoy your life and give David Cassidy a listen to remember his life. [Paul Smith]
  10. Read Everything with wide open mind. [NjokuBueze Uguru]
  11. Next twenty go faster than the first. [Nobel John]
  12. It’s no different than being in your 20’s except planning for your future becomes a hell of a lot more important. [Karyn Husarik]
  13. Quit having birthdays. [Phillip Palello]
  14. Don’t think with your dick. [Jimmie Singleton]
  15. You know how during your late teens and twenties you knew everything and had it all worked out? well your thirties is where you slowly start to realize that you really didn’t know fuck all. by the time you get to your forties you’ve now started to get enough real life experience to actually now start to know how shit really works. It’s quite an eye opening journey I can promise you. [John Barrett]
  16. Don’t turn 30! Just keep turning 29 again every year… [ Samuel Wright]
  17. The best is over its all downhill from here, sit back relax have a little chicken soup and mottsa balls ,,enjoy whats left ,,you could go tomorrow ,, [Robert Cairns ]
  18. Life is very beautiful..We die day by day… Be happy ….. Thanks [Rajendra Chaudhari]
  19. Make big money and buy your way out. be honest with yourself and become a fakir. Define what a good life is, and live it. [Robert Cairns]
  20. Smoke some weed drink some beer BBQ lots enjoy your friends… pay for any work to be done and make sure they got insurance. [Jeffery Moyer]
  21. Losing virginity now will truly be an achievement. [Amritha Lawrence]
  22. Who’s counting? [Burnis Williams]
  23. Slow down. Stop aging so fast. [Randel Bennett]
  24. Get married and start a little family. [Nina Marnelin]
  25. Think about yourself, before someone else think what’s best for you… [Guy Paquin]
  26. Suicide [John Johnny Dee Waltrich ]
  27. Read more books! [Mnemon Artaxerxes]
  28. For real, stop drinking and smoking, start doing CrossFit and running. [Ian Miller]
  29. Stay strong, take life one day at a time. [Brian Scholefield]
  30. Question everything. Define your worth by how you treat yourself and others, realizing that stuff doesn’t make you as a person. Loving yourself is simply taking care of yourself and being the best person you can be, spread the word and be a good example. [Barefoot Luvvie]

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