Leading a sweet life where love is always there to enlighten you with its magical ray is not often hard. Sometimes a really simple task can make you feel even better. Yeah, really simple task!  ?

Dear reader, welcome back to my blog series – ‘Celebrate Your Life’. This series will introduce you to some pretty simple but still sweet ways with which you can make your life happy, cheerful and lovable.

A long time ago, we had a lot of time to go for a recreation, a picnic to spend with our dear. But, we realized, we need extra money for it, and unfortunately, we didn’t have enough. So we started running after money to buy luxury, to buy recreation so as to lead a happy life. And, we started becoming busy with our money-making.

After a certain period, a realization came – we have earned enough money to buy things, but by that time, we already have lost our dear faces. Our memory has gone blurry, we can’t remember all of those faces with whom once we wanted to spend time.

The paradox of the twenty-first century is – we have become busy with making money to spend for our dears, and now we have enough money but lost our dears.

Hey, wait and think for a minute!

Can you recall those sweet moments of your early life? Can you recall those happy faces?

Do, you think some those faces are lost? Do you think – there is an emotional distance between you? Do you think – you don’t even know where some of them are now?

Ask yourself and you will find there are some people with whom once you spent a lot of happy time but now you are not in touch with them even.

Once a couple was asked – how they managed to stay 65 years together? Their answer was pretty unique. They said- we lived in a time when if something was broken we would fix it not throw it away. And we have found some people treat the relationship like a video game. First of all, they start by playing them, and when they get bored, they quit.

We watch relationship in movies, and dream – what it would be like to love as they do in the movies? Love is promised on countless dating sites, and every year you can count on songs, and movies on love, where you will find sweet moments of love.


But, trust me – it much sweeter than those fictions when you are in love really.?

Love has a power of connecting and strengthening. Love is light. Love shines through the dark night, it shines through the past, it shines through the present, and it shines through the future. It shines in heaven, it shines in our hearts, and it shines on earth. It easily melts away all the evil in this world and pours our its warmth on all sadness.



Love is courage. Without love, people would not be able to be roused action. Without love, people would not be able to stand against death even.

So. what is love?

Love is good words, good memories, good surroundings, and good music. God creates the world through words, and love creates people through words. Love is harmony. It is through love that people grow close each other, forgive each other, nurture each other.

Dear reader!

Do you love someone? Is there anyone who once gave you a sweet moment? Is there anyone who made you feel happy, enlightened?

If yes, then pick up your phone. Make a call and have a sweet conversation.

You will make at least two people happy.


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