It was an evening when the sun was setting. It was me and Moitree sitting together on the bank of the river Yamuna. The river was flowing; the horns of motor boats were honking.

Moitree sat by me, and together we were enjoying the glow of the setting sun. A gentle breeze was fluttering her long hair on my face. I was an amazing experience. Birds were chirping to go back to their nest. After a busy day, everyone, everything was slowing down.



Moitree is an ordinary girl with blazing thoughts. Most of the time, I ask her simple question and end up with an amazing answer. This is one of many things with her, impresses me most. Her simple vision, simple ideas, coated with her own tone, give me a pleasing experience.

While watching the birds going home, I asked Moitree –

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

She looked at me for a while, presented me a sweet smile and replied – 26.
I asked,

– Why 26? Is there anything special?
– Because I already have gathered a lot of knowledge. But the funny thing is, I don’t have wisdom.
– So, you mean, knowledge and wisdom are not the same things.
– Yeah.
– Would you please elaborate?
– Sure ! It requires knowledge to read the lines, but it requires wisdom to read between the lines.
– Interesting !
– Can you recall the preceptor Udwalok and his son Shwetoketu?
– No
– Upon returning home after the graduation, father Udwaloka asked Shwetoketu, my dear, do you know that wisdom which can hear the untold, see the unseen?
– Then?
– Udwaloka taught his son that insight. But the fact is, before teaching this, Shwetoketu had to complete his formal education to gather knowledge.
– I got it.
– So, the age 26 is important to me because I’ve already completed my formal education. And now I feel, I have knowledge but I don’t have wisdom.
– Great realization, Moitree.
– My dear, I’m in a period of changes. They say, at this age 26 to 39, deity Shani takes the charge of teaching.
– Shani is a hard teacher. Shani makes the man fit for the future.
– Yes
– So, what are the changes you have experienced till now?
– Well, I have finished my school and my graduation. At that time I knew what the next thing is. I knew my next route. I had a structure clearly defined.

But, after the graduation, after the completion of my formal education, I no longer have any clearly defined path. I no longer have any structure for life.
– Interesting !
– Yeah, when I was in school I know everything, all the semesters and years. Now I don’t know. And it is not an easy plan, in real life.

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