Wanna start a conversation? Do you want to make the conversation engaging? To do so, are you thinking to start with the traditional sentence –


how are you?


Oh, I am sorry to say – if you start with the traditional ‘how are you’ , you are going to get a similar traditional answer , ‘I’m fine, and you?’.


Pretty shocking to believe, huh? But, it is true. Because, asking close-ended question will limit the answer choice and thus you eventually will get only two possible answers – yes I’m fine, or no I’m sad.


You will spoil a good chance for an engaging conversation if you just start your conversation with so called – ‘how are you’.


So, what is the solution?


The answer is simple but innovative. Ask an open-ended question instead which have a good range of possible answers. You may use some sentences like –


Tell me how interesting was your day?
Tell me what amazing you did last week?


Yeah, it is a simple change, but still effective and interesting.

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