My younger daughter always wants to be first in the school exam, and she ultimately makes it. After getting admitted to a renowned school in New Zealand, academically she stood first in her school.

After publishing the result, the dean of the school called me in a meeting. I thought they will congratulate me for my daughter’s outstanding performance. Surprisingly, the dean told me – ‘we are not happy with the performance of your daughter.

I was astonished and asked why.

The dean replied – she is not regular in school.

I said, so what? She proved that she doesn’t need to be in the class.

Then, the immediate reply of the dean was quite surprising and thought-provoking.  He said –

“we don’t expect a leader who is not regular, doesn’t mix with people- but selfish on her career and result. This sort of grooming will lead her friendless, self-concern and no ethics being a leader.

We want ethical excellence- not academic.”

Disclaimer: This is a collected post from Facebook. I was unable to verify the original author. However, the shared post, from which I translated, claimed – the original author is Irfan Ullah Khan.

Hence, if anyone can verify the author, please contact me by placing a comment below. I will acknowledge the original author.

Image credit: The image used in this blog is a hypothetical image. Credit goes to  JJ Jordan from Pexels

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